Business Location

Hattersheim am Main is a modern business location at the heart of the Rhine-Main area and boasts optimal traffic connections. Outstanding infrastructure with an old town centre, a variety of shopping options, cared-for green spaces and plenty of leisure facilities mean that you can enjoy a good-quality stay here and a good quality of life.

Hattersheim am Main has plenty to offer on top of this. Between the areas of Hattersheim, Eddersheim and Okriftel, the town has around 28,000 inhabitants. It has a charming town centre with historic buildings such as ‘Alter Posthof’ and ‘Nassauer Hof’, and the market place and lots of green spaces and idyllic riverside landscapes make the town into an attractive place to live. A cultural offering that enjoys recognition, varied sport and leisure facilities and a range of restaurants provide a great quality of life.

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