In all three districts of the town, parks, hiking and bicycle routes, as well as expansive green spaces invite you to enjoy your leisure time.

The largest connected green spaces in the town are the Main riverbanks in the districts of Eddersheim and Okriftel with the Main dam and beautiful floodplains. The overall impression of a "Green City" is also created by the large number of smaller green spaces, plenty of trees and avenues, as well as green yards in the residential areas.


Am Weiher green space in Hattersheim

At the heart of the district of Hattersheim, the town pond is located in the middle of a park. An idyllic green island has been created on the site of the former bleaching meadow, which includes a popular toddlers' playground around the ‘Grünes Haus’ family meeting place. From the fountain on the market square, a small, man-made stream meanders through the green space to the pond. At the edge of the park, close to the former Altmünstermühle (now a senior citizens' centre), there is a magnificent 250-year-old oak tree that is under conservation.

The green space is located between Hessendamm, Mainzer Landstraße and Erbsengasse.

Am Weiher green space

Hattersheim Kelten-Park (Celtic Park)

The Kelten-Park, which spans an area of around 13,000 m², opened in summer 2009. The discovery of a Celtic burial ground of transregional importance from the Latène period was of key importance for the naming and design of the park.

The grassed ramparts at the main entrances are based on the idea of a fortified courtyard, an oppidum. The tree circle with 16 different trees from Celtic mythology refers to the idea of a Celtic annual calendar, and oak groves are now considered sacred Celtic places. The artistically designed stelae, seating and balancing stones draw on the patterns and decorations of Celtic jewellery and everyday objects. In order to create an open, modern concept, play areas for all generations have been integrated into the green space.

The Keltenpark is located between Leonhardstraße and Dürerstraße.

Nassauer Hofgarten Hattersheim

This historic garden is listed, together with the entire Nassauer Hof complex. Rectangular fields are edged with small box trees, dating back to the 19th century. It was also possible to preserve some old trees and yews. Plants typical of an early 19th-century farm garden – such as fruit trees, espalier fruit, fruit bushes and flowers – were added to the planted areas. Around 1900, calcium carbide supplies and carbide lamps for lighting the estate were kept in the small brick house.

The courtyard garden can be reached via the inner courtyard of the Nassauer Hof (passageways in Lindenstraße and Sarceller Straße).


One of the main green corridors accompanies the course of the Schwarzbach. The Schwarzbachweg runs parallel to this, connecting the Mainuferweg from the Okriftel Grove with the elevations of the Taunus. Poplars, willows and alders provide shade along this popular and varied walking and cycling path.

Hattersheim Animal Park

This small zoo with domestic animals is a popular meeting point for the whole family. Ducks, goats, sheep, chickens and donkeys live around a pond. The enclosure is operated by volunteers from the Tierpark Hattersheim e. V. (Hattersheim Animal Park Association).

The animal park is located directly on Schwarzbachweg at the corner of Südring and Glockwiesenweg.

Hattersheim animal park

Okriftel Grove

This small wood makes it easy to forget how close you are to a big city. The origins of the Okriftel Grove go back to an early floodplain forest of willows, poplars, alders and ash trees, which was intended to protect the village from ice. If you walk through this popular recreation area, you will come close to the Schwarzbach and end up on the banks of the Main.

The Okriftel Grove runs along the Schwarzbach and the Okriftel bank of the Main.

The Okriftel Main ferry

During the summer months, a small ferry takes people enjoying excursions either on foot or on bicycles across the Main. On weekends and on public holidays, the ‘Okriftel’ travels between the Okriftel bank of the Main and the Kelsterbach forest.

Ferry dock: An der Fähre/Jahnallee Okriftel


The rose garden in the north of Okriftel evokes the tradition of rose cultivation. Until the mid-1970s, Hattersheim was one of the most important suppliers of roses, and it was known as the Rose Town. Among the 6,500 roses and 100 different varieties in the Rosarium between the Regionalparkweg and Wasserwerkchaussee, two Hattersheim varieties, ‘Wilhelm Kauth’ and ‘Gretel Greul’ also bloom, named after the renowned nurseries.

The rose garden is part of the Regionalparkweg (regional park trail). You can obtain more information from Regionalpark GmbH, telephone: +49 6145 5037330.


The rose garden is located on the Regionalparkweg from Okriftel to Wasserwerkchaussee. Parking is available at the Okriftel cemetery.

Hattersheim rose garden


The Lindenallee, a 100-year-old cobblestone avenue with lime trees on Wasserwerkchaussee, is a natural monument of very high calibre. The avenue is a former access road for Hattersheim's Art Nouveau waterworks.

The Wasserwerkchaussee starts at Hessendamm between Hattersheim and Okriftel.

Okriftel quarry pond

The quarry pond, which was created by gravel mining, is located in a protected landscape area. The water is surrounded by a pleasant walking route. The quarry pond is leased to the Angelsportverein Hattersheim 1977 e.V. (Hattersheim Fishing Club 1977). There are access points for fishers at various locations. Bathing and boating are not permitted due to strong, very cold currents!

The quarry pond can be reached via Eichenstraße, Wiesbadener Straße, Diedenbergener Straße and Stettiner Straße.