In Hattersheim am Main and its districts of Okriftel and Eddersheim, there are currently ten childcare facilities which are municipally run. Some facilities exclusively care for kindergarten or crèche children, some combine after-school care and kindergarten or crèche and kindergarten under one roof, and one is a centre for school children.

In addition, care places for kindergarten children are offered in three denominational facilities, in the Catholic day care centre in Hattersheim with after-school care, in the Protestant day care centre and in a facility of an independent provider in the city area.

For the care of children under the age of three, there is a 3-group crèche in the Hattersheim district, two groups in the Protestant day care centre and two groups in the Catholic day care centre, as well as crèche places in the facility of an independent provider. In the district of Okriftel, there is a municipal crèche facility.

Please enquire about the childcare fees for the crèche places at the respective facilities.

There are parents’ councils in all facilities. Members are selected by the town parents’ council. The town parents’ council is available for any questions or information. Members can be contacted via email on