Representative for the Interests of People with Disabilities and Inclusion

In 2022, Tanja Klemm was officially appointed as representative for the interests of people with disabilities and for inclusion. She is also Chair of the Inclusion Council.

Her main task is to work towards creating equal living conditions for people with and without disabilities – in all areas of social life.

Tanja Klemm offers telephone consultation upon arrangement to provide support to persons concerned and their families.

Inclusion Council

The preamble of the statutes of the Inclusion Council, which was established in 2018, states that “Diversity is normal and has many nuances.”

Based on this premise, its members have made it their goal to recognise the different needs of Hattersheim’s citizens and to promote the elimination of  any form of exclusion. For this purpose, proposals and concepts can be developed and forwarded to politicians.

The first Inclusion Council meeting took place on 19 June 2018.

Minutes of the meeting (available in German language only)

Transcript of the 1st Session

Transcript of the 2nd Session

Transcript of the 3rd Session

Transcript of the 4th Session

Transcript of the 5th Session

Transcript of the 6th Session

Transcript of the 7th Session

Reporting Issues

If you discover barriers in your day-to-day life and living environment, we are always happy to hear from you. We have set up an online form for this purpose. Here you can report any issues or difficulties you may encounter as a person with disabilities to access public building, facilites or services or in the city in general and upload photos.

The notifications go straight to the town hall and are forwarded to the responsible specialist area and/or to Mr Seel, the Representative for People with Disabilities and for Inclusion for verification. The responsible person and/or Mr Seel will then get in touch with you.

To the online form.